Ultra Low Phase Noise Series RF Signal Generator
Model No:RSGLP0120GA
Freq Range:0.039-22GHz
USB Controlled
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The RSGLP0120GA is an easy to use high frequency signal generator controlled through a standard USB port. Using advanced VCO and DDS based technology along with a temperature compensated crystal reference, it offers ultra-low phase noise (-135~150dBc/Hz at 10MHz offset) and high frequency resolution. The unit can also be locked to an external 10MHz reference source.
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Output Frequency Range: 0.039 ~ 22.0GHz
Output Power Range: -40dBm to +5dBm
Frequency Stability: +/-0.5ppm with internal reference
Frequency Step Tuning Speed: <100us
Tuning Step: 0.001Hz
Phase Noise @10KHz offset -116dBc/Hz (@10GHz Output Frequency)
Control Interface: USB